Business tablet computer with email marketing. Vector concept for online advertising

Statistics show that as businesses embrace email marketing as one of the most potent ways to promote their brands and products, over 100 billion marketing emails are sent every single day. From automated mailing lists and spam to business pitches and recommendation letters, everyone is trying to sell something. The noise such emails generate make it very difficult for a real estate email marketing campaign to stand out—let alone create an impression that lasts.

However, with a thoughtful, well-planned and well executed email marketing campaign, it is easy to outperform lazy and untargeted mass media and email ads.


Published by Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey's career began in 1993 traveling across the USA & Canada promoting seminars for world renown trainers; Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn. He started Salesachievers, Inc. in 1999, training real estate agents and loan officers how to close more sales. He's trained over 25,000 real estate agents in his career and has developed a unique program that helps agents get to home sellers first.