2. The Vampire Lair


Calling all vampires and other creatures who burst into flame due to natural sunlight, this is the place for you. Thanks to the lack of windows, and hope for that matter, you’ll be safe to lose all sense of time.
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3. Extreme Philosophy


The owners of this little startup took Einstein’s philosophy of a cluttered mind to a whole new level. You might say they wanted to prove his theory is true. Unfortunately that means taking a bath with last night’s dinner.

Published by Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey's career began in 1993 traveling across the USA & Canada promoting seminars for world renown trainers; Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn. He started Salesachievers, Inc. in 1999, training real estate agents and loan officers how to close more sales. He's trained over 25,000 real estate agents in his career and has developed a unique program that helps agents get to home sellers first.