Is selling real estate easy? Think again. These pictures prove that it can be more difficult than it looks for some real estate agents. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these photos tell a story that would make any home hard to sell.

As you scroll through the gallery, try and imagine the look on people’s faces as they toured the room. It might make you run to your camera and double check all the images you’ve snapped so you’re certain you haven’t made any similar mistakes.

1. Strategic Art

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Everything looks great, except for one thing. Could it be the color of the walls or the skew lampshade? Yep, it’s definitely the lampshade. It couldn’t possibly be the painting of old aunt Margaret during her modeling days.


2. Floral Tranquility

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Here we have the perfect contrast between space and nature. Who cares if you can get to the bed when there is so much floral tranquility around you? You can’t put a price on that.

3. Deepak Chopra’s Favorite

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The room is part of a new self-help program called “love yourself even when you’re alone”. Initially the walls had mirrors as well, but the schizophrenics complained that it was simply too much.

4. The Family Home

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There’s a nice little pet cemetery in the backyard, the human bodies are kept in the basement and the deck is great for barbeques. The shadow? That’s just Harold, the serial killer who lives next door. Don’t worry, you won’t see him until it’s too late.

5. A Modern Design

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If you feel like breaking away from the constrictions of typical suburban life, and gravity, this home is perfect for you. Please take note that gravity boots are not included in the deal.

6. A Working Progress

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If you’re worried about the steady decline towards the bathtub, don’t. It starts to feel quite normal once you’ve used the toilet.

7. Sleeping with the Fishes

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It’s not obvious at first, but once you move in you’ll learn how to swim in your sleep. In fact, you’ll become a fishermen in less than a week, guaranteed.

8. Creative Family

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This is how cheap and large families get things done. They take turns sleeping in the chairs, because the bed is for guests. We need more of this type of creativity don’t you think?

9. Garden and Laundry Service

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This particular house comes with a twenty-four-hour gardening and laundry service. Although he never comes out of the closet and you have to feed him three times a week. This part of the deal is non-negotiable.

10. The Think Chamber

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One of the biggest conspiracies were thinking chambers. The only people who knew what they looked like were government officials, but after the secret was leaked so-to-speak, husbands recreated them to get away from their wives. It never provided any great ideas, but the company was good.

11. Great Atmosphere

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You want a house with great atmosphere? Well, here it is. The televisions change channel through the power of thought and the mirrors will provide visuals of unusual company.

12. Something to Hide

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Just to be clear from the start – we didn’t strategically place the cute face of our dog in front of the big hole in the wall. We should also inform you that a tour of the house is only possible after the purchase is finalized.

13. Less is More

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Sure, we could’ve decorated the room with designer chairs and classy curtains, but the selling point just wasn’t there. Instead, we give you the opportunity to really sit and think about what YOU want to do with it.

14. Combined Comfort

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Who wants to walk all the way from the living room to the bathroom and then to the kitchen? This way you can lounge around, feed the dog and take care of business without working up a sweat.

15. Peeping Thomas

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Don’t worry, Thomas and his tank-engine friends won’t stare if you move really slowly. Just don’t make any sudden movements while you sleep.

16. Cute Accessory

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The heating doesn’t work, but the kid can pull the most amazing faces. But his best trick is when he starts barking at strangers. It’s like having a pet that never sheds. If you buy now he’ll still be cute for at least another three years.

17. Safety First

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You can never be to sure that a storm won’t strike in the kitchen. It’s also possible that the roof has been leaking for years and this seemed like the cheapest way of fixing it, but we prefer using the first excuse.

18. Ready for Anything

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It’s a great house, but the neighborhood is a little sketchy. There’s a bazooka in the cupboard just in case.

19. The Happy Housewife

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A room that is specifically designed to keep the busy housewife happy while she does the washing and cleans the garden. Or, in most cases, the man-cave your wife will let you have if you’re really good.

20. Choices

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This house is more than just bricks and cement. It symbolizes the choices you have in life, although each door leads to the same place. Oh well, that’s life. At least it feels like a choice and the price is relatively cheap.

21. Passionate about Gardening

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It started off as a habit, but turned into a passion when the owners realized it was a good way to get rid of visiting relatives. This just goes to show, gardening is very therapeutic.

22. Stay Clear of Dessert

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The moment you see three toilet rolls at your immediate disposal, that’s when you start to question the owners cooking capabilities.

23. Monkey Business

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When it comes to dealing on a price for this house, get ready for some monkey business. The last two offers ended up on the wall, because they didn’t speak the same language.

24. Need to Know Basis

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All you need to know is that the house is there and available. What it looks like can be discussed as you sign the documents.

25. Natural Confusion

A new kind of bidet?
Terrible Agent Photos

When you constantly find yourself torn between what to do first, fear no more. This is the answer you’ve been looking for.

26. Rise Above the Rest

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Even though taking close-up pictures made much more sense, you wouldn’t have seen the true uniqueness of the house. Now you simply can’t miss all its special elements.

27. Creepy Company

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In this special bathroom you’ll never have to feel alone. Danny will hold your hand while you shower and he’s always ready for a good picture if you need one. This feature really makes up for the tiny space, doesn’t it?

28. The Cult Clubhouse

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If you don’t feel like a member of some strange cult after one day, you’ll probably feel the urge to start one.

Published by Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey's career began in 1993 traveling across the USA & Canada promoting seminars for world renown trainers; Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn. He started Salesachievers, Inc. in 1999, training real estate agents and loan officers how to close more sales. He's trained over 25,000 real estate agents in his career and has developed a unique program that helps agents get to home sellers first.