In the world of real estate, humor does not traditionally come to mind. It can be quite a daunting task to make yourself stand out amongst all of the other agents in your area. It can also be very hectic, beating others to the punch in order to present your listings to potential buyers. This combination, at times, can result in the perfect storm of humor at the expense of real estate agents and companies.

The following will present the lighter, funnier side of the real estate arena. The side that shows that even the most by the book real estate agent can be just as comical as your favorite celebrity comedian. Even though the following were not meant to be (or so we believe) humorous in any way, they are certain to leave you chuckling as you review them.

From typos, to ironic signage to creative advertisements there is humor found in it all.

1. Adulterers Need NOT Apply

via Daily Mail

A mother of two and former wife by the name of Elle Zober (37) decided to take a very candid approach to selling her former love nest with her husband. Her husband left her and her children for a 22-year-old woman after a decade of holy matrimony and she decided to leave her Portland, Oregon home with unadulterated honesty. She posted the sign above in her front yard and even added the line, “adulterers need not apply.”

2. Sales Can Be Contagious

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Standard Title Agency, Inc. clearly did not think their signage through before mass producing them and placing them in front of properties. Most would think that the company would have chosen the moniker of STA, but they opted for the more eye catching and contagious STD.

3. A Home with a Nontraditional Perk

via Funny Website

It is ALWAYS important to proofread all copy well before it is sent to the presses. Evidently, Shirley Hunsperger did not get that memo. It can be assumed that she meant to gloat about the property’s large deck in the rear, but instead she will have swingers from miles around clamoring for a look at the property and its assets.

4. An Open Minded Policy is the Best Policy

via Weirdopedia

It is always a plus to show that you are not a real estate agent or company that discriminates, BUT offering up young men under 25 takes things to a whole new level. It is certainly clear that the company was trying to make current homebuyers aware of the fact that they had nine homes for sales; but they simply missed their mark. I will say, this is one way to have yourself stand out in a sea that is more than crowded with salesmen.

5. Take Your (Pet) Children to Work Trend

via BuzzFed

via BuzzFed

It can be hard to make yourself stand out in the world of real estate, but employing your pet children puts a new twist on things. Both of these agents have decided that the best way to prove their prowess within the industry is to present their cats to the world. One has proclaimed that her cat thinks rather highly of her “mommy” while the other contends that he can deliver buyers with the “purrrfect” sale. Who knows? Maybe this tactic has been profitable for this dynamic kitty duo. Maybe….

6. Avoid Divorce by Increasing Debt

via BuzzFed

Even though you and your spouse can no longer stand each other, a little extra room is all you need to fix the situation. Or, at least that is what real estate agent Chris Clarke believes. He seems to think that he can ix your marital woes by selling you a larger home that will increase your overall debt. Wait…isn’t that what most coupe fight about? Money?

7. Endorsed By Mom

via BuzzFed

We all tend to be the favorite of our parents, but using your mother as your sole endorsement via your advertisements is taking things to a whole new level. Dave Foreman has done just this. Maybe he does not realize that it appears that no one else believes in his selling skills but his dear old mother dear. Maybe she carries a great deal of weight in the community in which he sells…or maybe he’s just an only son or only child.

8. Who Knew You Could “Click” Print

via Point2

This would have made a great online ad and maybe it has as well. The problem is that the ad was NOT edited for publication on a printed medium. Maybe they have found a way to click for more information via a newspaper.

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